Interview with the Founders of NIU BODY - Connie & Laura

Hi friends! I am pretty stoked about this post today because it’s an interview with the founders of a Toronto Local, female-founded, natural skincare company (checking all the boxes right?!)! I stumbled across NIU BODY in a female-founders directory and fell in love instantly with their business! So without further delay, let’s jump right into it!

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Ten Tree - Well Many Trees // Autumn Shoots

Just picture yourself walking through a tall red pine forest soaking in the smell of damp earth and listening to the leaves crunch under your feet - sheer bliss I tell ya! That being said, I recently went out on an adventure with my creator-in-crime and we played around with some colours as well as took some shots as a brand ambassador for Ten Tree!! Check out some of the pics!

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Interview with Illustrator Jenna Paddey

Jenna Paddey is an illustrator from Guelph, ON whose work I have recently become obsessed with! From commissioned illustrations of beautiful wedding gowns, to portraits, and abstract work, Jenna does it all! Her whimsical and muted tones feed is sure to bring inspiration to your everyday life. Without further ado, let’s learn a bit more about Jenna’s journey to 12.7K followers on Instagram and beautiful digital paintings!

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September Engagement Shoots & Moody Edits

If you follow instagram accounts like Dirty Boots and Messy Hair or Elopement Love you are probably like me and adore looking at at the artistic and vibey engagement or wedding photos brought to your feed on the daily! Now imagine being a good ol’ Toronto wedding photographer yourself and being able to use awesome programs like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to create those kinds of vibey photos for your clients!

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Interview with Conni from ZAFIRA

Ever wonder what it takes to start up your own fashion company & what it’s like to delve into the business? We got to chat with designer Conni Zafiris, the founder of Zafira Apparel , about her recent art show and fashion incubator adventures as well as how Zafira came to be! Read on and prepare to be amazed with this Toronto-based designer, just as we were!

This post was originally posted on my old blog Creative and Chaos but her wise words are just too good not to share!

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Emily Rowsell
Interview with Danielle Singer from Dolorous Jewlery

“I think the most important advice I could give is to not compromise your creative vision.” – Danielle Singer

Reposted interview with Danielle Signer from Dolorous Jewelry in Toronto, ON! I originally connected with Danielle over a year ago when I had my start up blog Creative and Chaos, but her story is just too not to share with all of you wonderful readers!

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Community over Competition – The Reason to My Motto

I think we have all heard the quote “A rising tide lifts all boats”, but how often have you stopped to really delve into what that means and how you can practice it in your everyday life? The notion that building others up will not tarnish one’s own light but rather just brighten everyone else’s, is an idea I like to live my life by. As a Toronto content creator and local creative….

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