On Location With Kevin Valor - Toronto Photoshoot

Hi friends!! Cheers to my first ever blog post on emilyrowsell.com! I figured the best time to start is now so let's go for it! I really want to bring you into my life and learn from eachother so expect a series of informational posts, day to day entries about the creative world that is my life, and some other fun stuff along the way!

This particular post is about a recent shoot I did with Toronto photographer Kevin Valor! We actually first connected in the Build and Bloom facebook group created by Jessica Whitaker (a photographer from Seattle/New York City (who is totally slaying the photography game by the way, and I would definitely suggest checking out her youtube videos if you get a chance! Anywho, Kevin had posted a sick rainbow photo and had mentioned that he was from Toronto so I started up a conversation with him about the location and photo.

That was over a year ago! We tried to collaborate before but our busy schedules just didn't line up. Luckily just a few weeks ago we found a time that worked and took some awesome photos! I love collaborating with local photographers so this was a fun day spent roaming around Toronto and learning about a fellow creators career! Kevin actually just started doing agency work so all his hard work is paying off! Check out his instagram at @kmvalor and follow to see some killer content!