Community over Competition – The Reason to My Motto

I think we have all heard the quote “A rising tide lifts all boats”, but how often have you stopped to really delve into what that means and how you can practice it in your everyday life? The notion that building others up will not tarnish one’s own light but rather just brighten everyone else’s, is an idea I like to live my life by.

"A rising tide lifts all boats"

In a world where so many happenings and occurrences can create added stress and road blocks, I think it is so important to support each other. With glass ceilings, stereotypes, recessions, shipping and packaging issues, and customer services crises, creatives and entrepreneurs already have enough on their plate as it is without adding the attacks from others within their field. This is especially important in the entrepreneurial and creative world where it can be difficult to build your personal brand up, gain clients, and create your dream life. A lot of entrepreneurs and creatives will try to succeed by explaining the reason’s their ‘competitors’ fail, but what if instead we see those ‘competitors’ as other creators in the same industry and focus on building our own brands by merit and demonstrated ability without having to tear someone else down to do it? One company will not fit all clients, just as one shoe won’t fit every person. That means that in the creative start up and entrepreneurial world, there will never be just one business or creative that fits the needs of every single client. There is so much potential for work out there, that we should spend our time building our own business and supporting one another’s successes because there is room for all of us.

So why do I live by the words “community over competition”? I’m a creative soul and I believe in collaborating with, supporting, and nurturing other creative souls. Work against your instinct to be jealous of another’s work or to pick it apart to make your work seem better. Be confident in yourself and your work, and allow it to speak for itself. The creative world is a big ocean and there is enough room for each of us little and big fish, so let’s create an awesome creative community together instead of competing against and tearing each other down.