Interview with Founder of ROSES N ROSÉ

Roses N Rosé is a San Diego based skincare company that features products that are 100% American made and owned. This company does not test on animals and is owned by boss babe Chanté Joanne. I was lucky enough to catch up with Chanté and learn all about her brand and how she got to where she is today! Interested in learning more? Read on!

Em: Let’s start by giving everyone a bit of a brief overview about you, what your company is about, and how you got the idea to start Roses N Rosé!


Chanté: Hi, well first off thank you so much for this opportunity! My name is Chanté, I am 25 years old, I grew up all over California (southern and Northern) and this is my brand! Roses N Rosé started out as an idea I had when I had way too much spare time at a yacht company I was working for here in San Diego. I knew how to make my own products from experimenting in high school and researching ingredients and their benefits. So I figured why not offer this product to more than just friends and family and that’s when it was born! The brand I feel like is a true representation of who I am, I almost feel like it’s my alter ego. The branding is my life’s color scheme, everything is very cohesive and simple and all about making women feel the way they deserve to!

Em: You recently made this a full time gig – what was it like making the decision to jump full time into your business and was it something you were thinking about for a long time?

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Chanté: Ahhh yes, so exciting, but also so scary! I have been wanting to do it for a while but have just been a little scared-totally natural! BUT the company I was working for decided they were closing the San Diego office so I had a choice, go find another part time job, or make that the last job I’ll ever have and here we are!

Em: What has been one of the biggest challenges you have faced creating your own business?

Chanté:  The biggest and most difficult challenge for me is finding the motivation. I work from a home studio and it is the hardest thing ever for me to hone in and focus on what I need to do for my business. It’s hard when there’s a good episode of Fixer Upper coming on or just other stuff you need to do around the house, so I have learned to basically lock myself in my studio room, turn on some music and handle it.

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Em: Girl that is an awesome way to focus and stay on task! Speaking of staying on task or rather on theme, you have an incredible Instagram feed! Both your personal one and your business page are so nicely curated! When editing your photos, what are your go to apps or filters?

Chanté: THANK YOU! This is something I am extremely particular about. Not so much on my personal page, but my business for sure. As I mentioned earlier, I almost feel as of my brand is my alter ego. I am very particular about things like that, even in our house, everything is color coordinated, very organized and cohesive. For Instagram honestly, my favorite filter is LUDWIG, I use it for almost all my photos. The only app I really use is Darkroom, to take out the yellow tones and sometimes blue tones to make the pic more black and white.

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Em: You recently did a panel discussion, that’s amazing! Was that your first one? How was your experience?

Chanté: Omg YES! That was my first one, held by Whitney of Eckis Marketing, it was so much fun. It’s funny because at first I was thinking…who would want to hear me?? But it was so much fun, I want to do another one. I actually didn’t want this one to end.

Em: What is one of your favourite products in your collection for Roses N Rosé?

Chanté: Right now my #1 and absolute favorite is the newest shimmering body oil, it gives your skin the most supple glow and covers little imperfections almost while giving you a light tan/enhanced glow of the skin. Other than that, the coffee boy scrub is my other favorite and first product I ever ate out with. I always have one in my shower and use it 3 times a week!

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Sugar Body Scrub & Rosewater Face Mist

Em: What advice would you give to small businesses who are trying to grow their social media following and build their own brand?

Chanté: Always follow who you want to see you. Follow, engage and interact with the people you want to notice your brand!

Want to check out ROSES N ROSÉ? Visit the site at and follow Chante’s journey on her personal and business instagram pages!