September Engagement Shoots & Moody Edits

If you follow instagram accounts like Dirty Boots and Messy Hair or Elopement Love you are probably like me and adore looking at at the artistic and vibey engagement or wedding photos brought to your feed on the daily! So tumblr, so insta! Now imagine being a photographer yourself and being able to use awesome programs like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to create those kinds of vibey photos for your clients! After over a month of working on mastering this whole creative edit thing, I am so stoked to show you lovely humans some photos from my most recent engagement shoot! Up until this shoot, I honestly always did a very natural edit on my photos to correct the white balance, blacks/whites/highlights/shadows - that kind of thing! This time around however, I have dabbled in the world of creative, moody and vibey editing and I am pretty pleased with the result! My best tip for people stepping out of their comfort zone and wanting to try a new editing style is to download some presets with similar styles and see what settings are being changed, use that as a learning experience, and then create your own preset! Anywho, I hope you enjoy these photos just as much as I enjoyed taking them and editing them!

Couple: Sara & Nick, ON