The Creative Economy - What?

The Creative Economy - that token sector you think you may belong to but could honestly not 100% explain. Why? Simply put - it’s dynamic and shifting every single day and everyone has a different piece of the pie with a different recipe for it.

Let’s dive in to the meat and potatoes, shall we?

It’s Creative

The Creative Economy is just that - it’s creative. Uniting all different creative industries, the creative economy includes everything from photography and digital design to architecture and design. If someone had to sit there and think outside the box, hone their creative talent, and come up with some good or service; we could probably link it to the creative economy.

It Affects the Economy

Creative Economy

Now I don’t mean you have to make money from it - their are entire historical sites just dedicated to preserving culture and not generating revenue but we consider this part of the creative economy because that culture inspires a creative out there somewhere. That being said, much of the creative economy is linked to economics. The proliferation of the creative industries has created an explosion in the job market with content creators specializing in photography and digital design, new roles dedicated to coming up with campaign ideas, and even things that you might not see as creative like data analytics (especially analytics related to social media platforms).

Creative Products are Intellectual Property

If someone has created it (notwithstanding certain agreements made between creators and businesses), the creative economy fosters the creation of content that can be deemed the creators intellectual property. This is a huge element of the creative economy because when an artist creates a certain digital painting for example, they now have the rights to that imagery as their personal intellectual properties. The legalities and loopholes surrounding intellectual property is an integral part to the overall working of the creative economy, especially now that most governments recognize the creative industries as a legitimate sector.

So what does this mean for 2019?


Opportunity. You can make your mark in the creative economy in 2019 by pursuing your passions. Love creating animations in After Effects? Post them on your social media; create a community! Love analyzing brands and brand reputations? Post a Kijiji ad and see if local companies could use your services. The creative economy fosters entrepreneurship so dip your toes in and explore! You may just find your fit my friend.