What is Content creation

I get this question a lot, "You're a content creator? What is that? Like you do marketing?". That's the thing though - it's not 'just marketing' because often times our job is not to sell a product or service. We are hired to capture a moment or convey an idea. This could be photographing a wedding or creating the posters for a studio. Full disclaimer sometimes this may be for companies and sometimes we may be making the art work that goes into a marketing campaign but our first and foremost work is to create content that others find aestetically pleasing. As a Toronto content creator - this is what I tell people I do! 


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IT's Creative

Content creation has so many different forms; it can be blog writing, bios or product descriptions. It can be photographed. It can be digitally designed. It can be vocalized. If you can make it, especially in regards to online media - it's creative content. Content creators are known for that little part of their brain that is always working to come up with new and exciting ways to convey information.

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It's information

It is information. Similar to marketing (but not that same as marketing), content creation has some sort of information within it. Maybe the photo is of a new fine jewlery collection, or the blog post is for a homeopathic company and focuses on the influence of mercury being in retrograde, or the podcast informs listeners about what it is like to grow up in a world where everything is instant. Whatever the content is, there is some sort of information held within it.

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it tells a story

The information within content tells a story. The reason people work with content creators is because they have the ability to convey a story and emotions through their work. This makes what they do relatable - often because content creators are everyday people and work with a variety of concepts and diverse range of people. We are the people behind the creative process and our focus is to help you understand a  story through visuals and audio.