About Em Rowsell

Content Creator


A Content Creator

It’s 2019 and digital media is a force to be reckoned with – so why not make the most out of it? Companies have the utmost comprehensive, creative tool at their finger tips and I can’t help but love being able to recognize the potential of this media with companiesby utilizing digitally created content to further their goals!

As a Community Development and Policy Studies graduate with a minor in Communications, a passion for all things creative, a desire for quality engagement with those I work with, and a lover of constant improvement – my work in communications and the creative industries since 2012 has been a blast and I am so excited for every new development in content creation opportunities! Every day presents itse;f with new opportunities and I want to work with you to accomplish your dreams. Want to start your own fashion line but need help photographing your e-commerce line ? Want to start your career as a life coach but don't want to deal with creating a social media presence? Need some tips and tricks to create content for your blog? Let me help you! After all; community over competition is my motto!

I currently run my own free-lance content creation company photographing weddings, group functions and portraits, as well producing print advertising material, written copy and website design! I have a passion for all things creative and worldly, and a strong work ethic that has led me to complete various certificates, get involved in several academic and philanthropic societies, and succeed in academia and various employment endeavours! I love to work because I love my job - so let's create something awesome together!